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The team of Mike Michalski and Sachi Fujita has a long and successful track record of helping homeowners with small, older homes or teardowns sell their lots to developers for top dollar.

And the best part is the homeowner pays NO COMMISSION.

Impossible, you say? Not with our program. Read on – or feel free to contact us directly.

Here’s how it works –

  • We create an “auction” atmosphere by soliciting competing bids for your lot from a multitude of reputable local builders.
  • We develop bid guidelines with you so that all bids include the terms most important to you.
  • You choose how long or short an escrow period you want.
  • If you are currently living in the property, you choose whether you would like to remain in the home for a period of time after escrow closes.
  • We foot the bill for any marketing and advertising costs.
  • Your property is sold “as is”, which means you do not have to do any cleanup, repairs or termite work.
  • Your privacy is respected – there are no open houses or ‘For Sale’ yard signs.
  • Most (if not all) bids will be all cash, which means the sale will NOT be contingent on an appraisal or whether the buyer can obtain financing.
  • You are fully represented by Mike and Sachi throughout the bidding and escrow process so your interests are protected.

And the best part –

You Pay No Commissions!

Mike and Sachi did an amazing job selling our lot at 1400 21st Street in East Manhattan Beach. I interviewed a number of agents and I feel extremely lucky that I chose Mike and Sachi to help me with the sale. In the end, they proved themselves to be realtors of integrity who keep their word.
-Rita C, Seller of 1400 21st Street, Manhattan Beach

How We Are Compensated

We request that all bidders sign a “listback” agreement with us, where they agree that, if they are the winning bidder, we will be the listing agents on the new home they will build on your site.

In this way, we are compensated on the ‘backend’ when we sell the finished product. The result is a win-win for everyone – you save on commissions when the lot is purchased by the developer, the developer gets a property that he can develop ‘on spec’ and we ultimately will have a brand new home that we can sell to the public at our standard commission rate, such as this beautiful Modern Farmhouse at 1400 21st Street in East Manhattan Beach, pictured here, that we sold for the developer in 2017.

1400 21st Street – Before
1400 21st Street – After


Michalski & Fujita’s Lot Sales
Manhattan Beach
873 9th Street932 9th Street926 10th Street
1823 11th Street1827 11th Street716 12th Street
1457 12th Street1816 Walnut Avenue1400 21st Street
612 23rd Street652 26th Street316 27th Street
461 27th Street605 29th Street704 29th Street
763 29th Street750 30th Street452 32nd Street
664 33rd Street668 33rd Street2320 Alma Avenue
2509 Alma Avenue3500 Blanche Road1820 Elm Avenue
2101 Elm Avenue2103 Elm Avenue3521 Elm Avenue
2400 John Street1804 Magnolia Ave1800 N Ardmore Ave
3307 N Poinsettia3309 N Poinsettia1825 Oak Avenue
2802 Pine Avenue1525 Ruhland Ave1712 The Strand
2504 Walnut Avenue2512 Walnut Avenue
Hermosa Beach
1266 7th Place217 28th Street535 Hollowell Ave
Redondo Beach
1038 Avenue A2307 Belmont Lane107 S Juanita Ave
Other Areas
2512 Ocean Drive, Venice

If you have a lot, teardown or smaller older home in the beach cities and would like to learn more about our commission-free lot sale program, please contact us using any of the following:

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