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Over the years, the team of Mike Michalski and Sachi Fujita has sold in excess of a quarter billion dollars of residential real estate here in the South Bay.

If you are thinking of selling, why not give us a call?

Our tried and true marketing plan will take the guesswork out of selling your home.  In fact, our listings sell faster and for higher prices than our competitors.   And our attention to detail, personalized service and meticulous follow-through will make the whole process as stress-free as can be.

A partial list of our past sales, as well as our current and upcoming listings, can be found under the Our Homes tab. 

You can read more about what our clients have to say on our Testimonials page.


 Preparing Your Home For Sale

  • CMA.  We'll provide a detailed market analysis with recent comparable sales to gauge the market value of your home (so-called Comparative Market Analysis or CMA).
  • Inventory Analysis.  We'll analyze the current market inventory with you so you can see how your home stacks up against the competition and what the buyer pool for your home might look like.
  • Suggested Improvements.  We'll tour your home with you and offer suggestions for changes, repairs, improvements, etc, that will enhance its marketability.
  • Staging.  If your home's appeal could be augmented by elegant and appropriate staging, we'll put you in touch with established home staging professionals.
  • Pricing.  We'll help you strategically price your home to get top market value by striking the perfect balance between too aggressive (which may discourage offers) and underpriced (which may produce a lot of offers yet leave money on the table).

Marketing Materials

  • Visual.  We'll use all the visual tools at our disposal including (1) professional high-resolution photography, (2) multi-page, high gloss property brochures, (3) video and/or 3D interactive home tours.
  • Ad Copy.  We'll develop creative compelling ad copy for use in print ads, brochures, internet, etc, as well as for the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Property Web Site.  We'll create a single property web site featuring just your home with its own URL.  For an example, take a look at the website we created web sites for our listing at 2509 Alma Avenue, Manhattan Beach.  Here's the link -
  • Marketing Plan.  We'll review our comprehensive marketing plan with you, which includes print publications, online real estate portals (Zillow, Trulia,, etc), social media and email, as well the traditional methodologies such as open houses and the Multiple Listing Service, and customize it for your needs.

Pre-Marketing Strategies

In order to create a positive 'buzz' around your property and to develop an 'interest' list of potential buyers and their agents, we will employ the following tools and methodologies:

  • Email.  We have over 2,500 agents in our email database, including all of the top producers in the South Bay and Palos Verdes as well as many on LA's West Side.  We will do an e-blast in a nicely-formatted, eye-catching email to alert them of your upcoming listing (see, for example, this email from 2017).
  • Networking.  We'll use third-party on-line networking tools such as South Bay Real Estate Network's Facebook page, Real Estate E-Networking and RE/MAX's Hot Sheet (goes to 700 local and Westside RE/MAX agents) to get the word out in the real estate community about your property's coming debut in the market.
  • Zillow.  We are 5-Star Premier Agents on Zillow and, as such, are able to upload our clients' upcoming listings on Zillow's Coming Soon page, an online real estate source often viewed by buyers.  View our Zillow profile here.
  • "Coming Soon" Print Ads.  We will advertise your property as "Coming Soon" in local print media like the Beach Reporter.
  • Social Media.  We'll advertise your property as "Coming Soon" on our own Facebook and Twitter pages.

Marketing Your Home

  • Full internet exposure.  We'll submit your listing to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and RE/MAX Estate Properties website (viewed by 105,000 associates worldwide).  In addition,  your listing goes beyond MLS member sites to popular internet portals like Zillow, Trulia and, reaching buyers everywhere.
  • Print Media.  We'll promote your listing with attention-grabbing ads in local print media such as the Beach Reporter, Digs, Southbay magazine.
  • Just Listed mailer.  We will target a "Just Listed"  mailing campaign in your neighborhood so your neighbors can alert us if they have any friends, relatives or acquaintances who might be prospective buyers.
  • Open Houses.  We'll manage a brokers' open house, inviting all the local brokers, as well as weekend public open houses (if desired).  For our public open houses, we use an iPad equipped with the Open Home Pro app to have our guests sign in, which allows us to follow up with them directly to obtain feedback on your home.
  • Showing Appointments.  We'll coordinate showings to accommodate both your schedule and those of potential buyers; one of us will always be available to show your property in person.  We'll also report to you on the outcome and the feedback for each showing.
  • RealEstateEdge website and publications. We'll feature your home on this web site and in our emailed and hard copy newsletter, South Bay Real Estate Digest (which gets distributed to over 1,200 homes in the South Bay).
  • Track your listing's progress.  We will track the progress of your listing and report to you in a timely fashion on the number of showings and the feedback.  We will also report to you on the weekly number of page 'views' (and, perhaps more importantly, the number of page 'saves') on various internet portals like Zillow, Trulia and

Offer, Acceptance and Closing

  • Reviewing offers.  We'll structure a process to accumulate offers and to present and review them with you.  As part of that review, we'll help you evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of each purchase offer (and their buyer's financial qualifications) so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Negotiation.  As your agents, we are your advocate. We’re tough, so you don’t have to be. We work directly with the buyer’s agent in negotiation through the counter-offer stage to maximize your sales price and optimize your terms. 
  • Escrow and Related Services.  Once you've accepted an offer, we'll help you select an escrow and title company and other service providers needed to consummate the sale.  We'll also go over all escrow paperwork and the title report and, if required by municipal code, order the city building report and review any government-mandated point-of-sale requirements with you (like toilet retrofit or low-flow plumbing fixture requirements).
  • Inspections, Disclosures, Repairs, Contingencies.
    We will -
          1.  Coordinate with the buyer's agent on all buyer inspections and negotiate on your behalf with him/her regarding all buyer-requested repairs and repair credits.
          2.  Assist you with scheduling any agreed-upon repair work prior to close of escrow, including providing references for licensed contractors.
          3.  Help you to complete the voluminous seller disclosure paperwork of the modern residential real estate transaction.
          4.  Monitor the buyer's loan process to ensure that the buyer's loan documents will be prepared in a timely manner.
          5.  Meet the lender's appraiser on-site to discuss comparable sales data in order to facilitate an appraisal that supports the sale price.
          6.  Remain engaged with the buyer's agent to ensure all buyer contingencies are removed as scheduled in the contract and the escrow closes in a timely manner.

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