Mike Michalski, JD & Sachi Fujita

We are both highly experienced realtors affiliated with the top residential real estate firm in the South Bay, ReMax Estate Properties.  Together, we have a combined 40 years of experience selling residential real estate here in the beach cities.

For us, our chosen careers are our livelihood and we are committed to our work.  This is a serious, full-time professional occupation for us, not a part-time hobby.

Nearly every single day, we study the local housing market.  We are constantly searching out new properties for sale, tracking price changes, monitoring statistical data, and watching for subtle shifts in the market.  We also consistently network with other top agents and members of the community to keep abreast of opportunities which might arise before a property comes to market.

Our greatest satisfaction lies in helping our sellers maximize the value of their home or income property and in finding the right properties for our buyer clients.  We are extremely sensitive to the fact that we’ve been entrusted with one of the biggest financial transactions in our clients’ lives.  We are always grateful for that trust and take the responsibility that accompanies it with the utmost seriousness.

Mike Michalski, JD

I have been an Associate Broker and top-producing realtor for 21 years.  I feel that my clients choose me to represent them because of my experience, my knowledge of the South Bay real estate market and my dedication to their real estate needs.

I am also a trained attorney, a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, and have practiced in Massachusetts and California specializing in negotiations and the drafting of complex contracts, both of which are skills I employ in my real estate business.

But more importantly, my background in the law taught me the importance of earning a solid reputation through quality professional service, excellent results and delivering as promised. I approach my real estate business in the same way.

I have also been involved in development, having built out a two-unit site in Redondo Beach.  And, with my wife, Sachi, we have listed and sold dozens of newly-constructed homes in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.

Sachi Fujita

I have been an Associate Broker and top producer for 19 years, typically ranking first or second in my office in terms of production.  I am fluent in both Japanese and English.

Prior to my career in residential real estate, I spent over 10 years in commercial real estate with an international clientele.

There are certain key ingredients to successfully representing your clients’ interests in real estate.

Prompt customer service.  All e-mails, phone calls and text messages are answered ASAP.

Attention to detail.  I always explain the home buying/selling process so that our clients are fully informed.  I track the voluminous documentation for each transaction and e-mail our clients the fully executed documents (in addition to maintaining a hard copy binder).  Once escrow is opened, I prepare for our clients a calendar with highlighted dates for all important events, such as deadlines for providing disclosures or lender pre-approvals, removal of contingencies, loan funding, etc.

Honesty and sincerity.  I always make sure to ask the clients lots of questions in order to ascertain what actions and results would be in their best interests.  Our goal is to put the client’s interest first, so  Mike and I listen and counsel rather than attempt to persuade.

Problem-solving.  In any complex financial transaction such as the purchase and sale of real estate, the naturally competing interests of buyer and seller almost always come to the fore at some point.  However, when problems arise,  I believe the solution can be found by digging deep to identify the root cause, by being able to consider all positions as if they were my own, and by adopting a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.  As a consequence, Mike and I have a near 100% success ratio in resolving buyer-seller issues and closing our escrows.

Why Us?

We are a team.  This means you have two experienced agents representing you for the price of one.  Our clients uniformly agree that having one of us available to address their concerns when the other is tied up (as opposed to having to deal with a solo agent’s assistant) is preferable.

We are affiliated with the largest residential real estate firm in the South Bay, ReMax Estate Properties.  This affiliation affords us the opportunity, through our company contacts, to network more extensively, which often translates into finding the right home for our client as soon as it hits the market and many times even before it hits the market through access to so-called  ‘pocket’ listings (properties for sale that are neither advertised nor listed on the Multiple Listing Service).

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