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New Construction

We understand the complexities of residential construction better than most realtors, having been both developers ourselves as well as having amassed a long and successful track record of representing both buyers and builders in the sale of new construction here in the beach cities.


Our success in representing developers is an outgrowth of our hugely popular no-commission lot sale program, where we help property owners sell their lots and teardowns direct to builders. Our builder services include both land sourcing and entitlement on the front end (both single unit and multi-unit development sites) and the marketing and sale of the new project on the backend, including:

  • Target audience and buyer demographics assessment
  • Property branding, such as individual property websites
  • Photography and video services
  • Creative marketing design for print and digital media
  • Sales and pricing management
  • Contract negotiations and execution, including pre-sales
  • Escrow process management


If you are interested in new construction in the beach cities, we are well-versed in the challenges of buying a newly constructed home.
With our extensive 40+ years of combined experience, we know all the builders and understand what is negotiable and what is not. For example, some builders will offer assistance towards closing costs, an extended home warranty or free or low-cost upgrades. We may even be able to leverage our past experience with a builder to negotiate a better home price for you.

Also, the new construction purchase contract in California is different from the residential purchase agreement for a previously-owned home and can be quite confusing. We make sure the contract is written to protect you.

Most people don’t realize that, even though it’s a new home, you should still have it inspected. With a new home, there can be construction defects or even possible termite infestation that may not be readily visible to the untrained eye. Fortunately, we have several independent home inspectors we can recommend to assist you.

If you’re buying a home prior to completion, we’ll help you with budgeting and with arranging financing for the purchase. More importantly, we’ll be there throughout the construction process to advocate for your best interests in the event there are construction delays or change orders.
Lastly, we are very familiar with the quality of the local builders. We know what kinds of issues previous homeowners have experienced and how to avoid them.

You can view many of our new home sales, some of which are pictured here, by clicking on the photos or by navigating to Our Homes.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or you are a developer looking to sell a new home or to enlist our help in finding the right development opportunity, please reach out to us.

You can contact us using any of the following:

17 McCarrell Ranch Rd
926 10th
1808 Agnes
1816 Walnut
1821 11th
2400 John St
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