Lot Sale Testimonials

If you are looking to sell your lot or teardown, it's reasonable to ask if our no-commission lot sale program  is perhaps too good to be true. 

We can assure you that it works as advertised and is extremely effective at maximizing the equity upon the sale of your property by eliminating the single largest transaction cost in any such sale, namely commissions. 

Of course, we don't offer this option in other real estate transactions because the lot sale is unique and affords us the opportunity to represent the builder in selling the new home that will be built on your lot down the road.

Want further assurances that this program has saved our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary commission expenses?  Why not speak with some of our many satisfied past clients?  Below are some of their testimonials.  We will gladly put you in touch with them so you can hear about their experiences first-hand.

Mike and Sachi did an amazing job selling our lot at 1400 21st Street in East Manhattan Beach.  I interviewed a number of agents and feel extremely lucky that I chose Mike and Sachi to help me with the sale.

My choice was based, in part, on their extensive track record of selling lots and teardowns in the South Bay, particularly Manhattan Beach. I am convinced that their knowledge of the local market, their negotiating skills and their attention to detail, coupled with Mike's legal background as a former attorney, were all instrumental in securing the highest price I could have possibly gotten.

In the end, Mike and Sachi proved themselves to be realtors of integrity who keep their word (a rarity these days) and who worked hard to protect my interests.

Thank you, Mike and Sachi, for your expert assistance and for a job well done! You are the 'go to' husband and wife real estate team in the South Bay.

--Rita C, Seller of 1400 21st Street lot in Manhattan Beach

After interviewing several well known agents in the area, I chose Mike and Sachi and I'm very glad I did. Their knowledge of the local market is outstanding and they actively network with other agents in the area.

Mike and Sachi complement each other very well and are a formidable, very responsive team. Mike's negotiating skills are exemplary and Sachi kept on top of all the detailed forms, documents, etc. that are required. They listened to my needs, concerns and limitations every step of the way and pointed out the pros and cons of various options and offers. No pressure, just clear, concise facts and options for me to consider to make the best decision.

In fact, my experience was so good that right after the first house closed, I enlisted their help to locate and buy my next house. They were again extremely professional and patient through the entire house hunting and buying process.

I highly recommend Mike and Sachi to anyone considering buying or selling in the South Bay area.

--Joe B, Seller of 716 12th Street lot in Manhattan Beach

Professionalism, trustworthiness & creativity are the hallmarks of Mike Michalski & Sachi Fujita's Real Estate Edge.

I hold Mike & Sachi in very high regard following their listing and completion of the sale of our residential lot in the Tree section. They utilized a unique team approach in the listing and marketing of our property.

I found them to be extremely knowledgeable regarding (1) the value of other properties in our area (2) listings and sales (3) the real estate market (4) the targeted potential & prospective buyers and (5) regulations & requirements. They were in daily contact, provided status updates, assisted and followed through with the extensive paperwork, and found creative approaches to addressing our unique property.

Most important, I found Mr. Michalski & Ms. Fujita to be trustworthy and professional. I highly recommend & would use them again.

--Howard V, Seller of 612 23rd Street lot in Manhattan Beach

After contacting five agents in the beach area and explaining to them that I didn't want the whole circus of open houses, caravans etc, ....not one of them wanted to do it my way, until my 6th call and that was to Mike and Sachi. They knew exactly what I wanted and followed through in record speed.

In fact, they had my lot sold so quickly, that I had to put them on hold while I found a new house. When I was ready to start again, so were they.

They made the whole process painless and easy. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly from beginning to end.

--Gary B, Seller of 535 Hollowell Avenue lot in Hermosa Beach

We met Mike and Sachi at one of their multi-million dollar listings in the Manhattan Beach Hill section about 8 months ago and were immediately impressed by the breadth and depth of their knowledge of the local real estate market. At that time, we were renting nearby and planning to build a home on a lot we had purchased a couple years prior; however, we were having second thoughts on undertaking the whole construction process.

Mike and Sachi sold our lot for a premium price and negotiated our purchase of a brand new home in an ideal location nearby. But that was just the beginning of their exceptional service.

First, they were able to negotiate with the builder and listing agent so that we could start customizing our new home prior to close of escrow. Then, when the bank accidentally delayed wiring of our funds a couple days before closing where we already had our movers scheduled and couldn’t reschedule them to accommodate this unexpected last minute delay, Mike and Sachi calmly stepped in and negotiated an early move-in prior to closing (almost unheard of) without cost to us.

We cannot recommend Mike and Sachi more highly for their creative, solutions-based approach to real estate.

--Gerry M, Seller of 1800 N. Ardmore Avenue lot in Manhattan Beach

When we first met Mike and Sachi some four years ago, we were impressed with their specialized program for selling lots to developers. So when it came time to sell our small 54-year old Tree section home in Manhattan Beach, we thought again of Mike and Sachi and opted to go with them after interviewing several local agents.

Their understanding of the local market, particularly with regard to lot values, proved that we had made the correct decision. But it’s not just their knowledge and expertise that we came to rely on but also their ability to simplify a complex transaction and to handle all the details efficiently and expertly that proved invaluable.

Mike and Sachi are also to be commended for the speed of the auction, bidding and selling process, which was exactly as promised. We were so impressed with their faultless communication and support which was critical, given the fact that neither of us live in Manhattan Beach. When new information popped up or a transaction needed to be explained, Mike and Sachi contacted us within the day and smoothed everything out. They were unendingly patient in answering our questions and perfectly clear in their explanations.

We can't thank them enough for the way the entire transaction was handled, and we give the highest recommendation to anyone selling a home in Manhattan Beach.

--Pam P and Andrea I, Sellers of 2101 Elm Avenue lot in Manhattan Beach

Sachi and Mike helped us formulate a marketing plan to sell our home to a builder for development. They kept consistent to the plan and negotiations, keeping us informed of trends in the market and issues affecting the sale. They showed great expertise in the local Manhattan Beach market, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to other sellers.

--Allen & Ellen K, Sellers of 2400 John Street lot in Manhattan Beach