The Long Slow Slide to San Francisco

Posted by Mike Michalski on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.
- Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli, 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'

Aaaah, just what you dream of - a panoramic ocean view, glorious sunsets, cool sea breezes wafting over you as you fall asleep to the sound of gently crashing (tasty?) waves.

You’ll pay a lot for those amenities in Manhattan Beach.  

A home on the beach at 108 The Strand, pictured above, sold for $15,250,000 in December and there is currently a prime listing on a corner lot at 3400 The Strand being offered for $15,900,000 which, if you were to pay full price, would cost you in excess of $170,000 per year in property taxes alone!

Can’t come up with the scratch?  Lacking the chedda, the mad money, the paypa, the benjamins for that kinda crib?  No prob.

You don’t have to defer your dreams.  Just camp out on the beach like our supine sand snoozer pictured here.Need to relieve yourself?  Ha, none of these Strand homes’ fancy shmancy bathrooms with their heated Toto washlet seats with adjustable spray for you when you have the entire ocean at your disposal.

And if the ocean temperature’s a bit cool, just go old school, as one reader discovered at the base of the 16th Street steps (see below).We’ve also heard of one urban camper peeing into the garbage cans outside Pete’s and Jamba Juice without regard for the families (some with young children) seated nearby.  Because when you gotta go….

Allow us to digress.  When it comes to this sort of homeless dysfunction, the poster city is still San Francisco.

We rate Los Angeles a close second because, while LA has more homeless, San Francisco seems to have cornered the market on street defecation.  Their most recent fiscal year saw a record $72.5 million spent on street cleaning.

In one week alone, the city logged 16,000 feces complaints.

And one San Fran techie, channeling his inner ‘Silicon Valley’, even came up with an app for your phone so you can snap a photo of street feces and report it to the city for cleanup.

The name of the app?  Snapcrap. 

We kid you not.

San Francisco’s other dubious claim to fame is its sheer volume of property crimes.

The City By The Bay is a lawless cesspool, thanks in part to the non-judgmental, soft-on-crime policies favored by the social justice warriors of the San Francisco City Council as well as a Soros-supported DA who, after doing all the damage that one could do to law-and-order up north, has since decamped to Los Angeles where he’s making a run for DA here (and you thought crime was already out of control in LA).

And, for good measure, let's throw in the extremely deleterious effects of pro-criminal (excuse us, 'criminal justice reform') propositions like Props 47 and 57.

So what do you call it when, at midday in broad daylight, there’s an attempted ‘smash and grab’ car burglary in a heavily-trafficked grocery store parking lot with lots of witnesses while, at nearly the same time, there’s a burglary by two hoods in hoodies at a nearby home where the parents had stepped out but left their children in the house(!)?

In San Francisco, you might call that any day of the week ending in a ‘y’.

In Manhattan Beach, that was last Saturday between noon and 1 pm, with the attempted car burglary in the Ralph’s parking lot and the almost simultaneous home burglary (caught on camera, see below) in the Hill section.

Some thoughts on all of the above -

With regard to camping on the beach, that is still within the purview of MBPD so a call to the non-emergency dispatch number (310-545-4566) might be in order.  Do not call 911.

As for someone engaged in public urination or defecation, again, call the police dispatch number.  I might also be inclined to take a cell photo, although I can see some might not have wanted to risk inadvertently antagonizing the public urinator noted above who was clearly not in his right mind.

At the October 15 City Council meeting, our police chief, in referencing the homeless, said, “We're not going to allow people to go out and just do whatever they want to do." (See Another Tool in the Toolbox).  The public urination instance would have been an ideal opportunity for his department to back up those words, had anyone alerted the police.

If we're talking feces on the steps at the beach, you can start with LA County Beaches and Harbors for clean-up (424-526-7777) or even alert a lifeguard.

Of course, we welcome any other constructive suggestions from our Council members, assuming this is even on their radar.

With regard to the car break-in, the only advice, which we’ve all heard before, is not to leave valuables in the car.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Park where there’s a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic (although that would seemingly describe the Ralph’s parking lot where the incident occurred - at midday on a Saturday no less).

Unfortunately, the car burglary victim may have had it correct when he posted on social media “Crime is not new but the attitude that this is the new normal is.”  

We still recall the words from Councilmember Richard Montgomery when, around this time last year, he was proclaiming in open Council session “I don’t want us to become the next Santa Monica or the next Venice or Santa Ana, Anaheim or, god forbid, LA.”  (see Manhattan Beach Homelessness Update).

You’ll note he did not mention the possibility, over time, of Manhattan Beach becoming San Francisco South.

But we may be on our way.

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