From Russia With Love

Posted by Mike Michalski on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017.

"From Russia with love I fly to you
Much wiser since my goodbye to you"
   - Lionel Bart, "From Russia With Love"

Fresh off a huge off-season contract that would pay him $25 million over 6 years, former Kings hockey player Slava Voynov celebrated by purchasing this brand new ultra-contemporary  4-bedroom, 4020 sqft home on one of South Redondo's Avenue streets in March of 2014 for $2.6 million.

The home, located at 849 Avenue C, is unique for South Redondo, a modern work of art with a 12-foot entry door and disappearing sliding 'nana' doors that open from the kitchen onto a sideyard lap pool creating a distinctive indoor-outdoor entertainment area (pictured below).


But a spousal abuse charge in October, 2014, derailed Slava's NHL hockey career and ultimately sent him packing back to Russia and the Saint Petersburg hockey team.

Too bad, as Slava seemed to have it all - new contract, new home, new wife (he was married just two months prior to his wife filing a police report citing domestic violence). 

 As for the home, it went back on the market a year later in October, 2015, for $2,895,000 and despite three failed escrows and several price reductions (and an ill-advised, short-lived price increase earlier this year), the home is still available today for $2,695,000.

"To Russia I flew but there and then
I suddenly knew you'd care again."



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