Teardowns Can Help DEA Training

Posted by Mike Michalski on Saturday, July 7th, 2018.

Mike & Sachi just recently closed on the sale of two teardowns at 1823 and 1827 11th Street in East Manhattan Beach.  Our client, noted local developer Dennis Cleland, will be building 6 townhomes on the two adjacent sites.

But before he scrapes a lot to begin a development project, he allows the Drug Enforcement Agency to use the existing structure as a practice site for a drug bust dry run, complete with forced entry through the front door.  This enables the DEA agents to not only practice their drug arrest protocol, it also gives them an actual home on which to practice their door breaching techniques using two popular breaching tools, the battering ram and the Halligan tool, pictured below (battering ram is on the left). 

In this case, the DEA had two homes to practice on.  You can see the Halligan tool buried in the front door of the 1823 11th Street property in the photo above while the officer on the far left prepares to use the handheld battering ram.

Kudos to Dennis for offering his teardowns as a DEA practice site prior to demolition.  That's getting every last bit of utility out of these structures before their date with the bulldozer and it's something all local builders should consider doing, if feasible.

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