Realty Bites

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Yet another $6 million sale of a large ocean-view Manhattan Beach Hill section lot transpired recently.  The buyer was the next-door neighbor but which one?  The international tennis star or the founder and partner in a successful private equity firm?  Find out here.

Mike and Sachi just closed on the sale of a prime Manhattan Beach Tree section lot to a local developer.  To find out more about this sale and the enhanced benefit to the sellers of substantially lower transaction costs, read on.

Litigation can be draining, particularly when it involves the fate of the once successful production company, Gurney Productions, that you helped create, the company that produced the mega-hit Duck Dynasty.  Thankfully, one of the co-producers (and a Manhattan Beach resident) has a heretofore unknown (to us, anyway) second talent, namely remodeling and flipping homes, as this exquisite new Hill section listing will attest.

We just recently closed on two teardowns in East Manhattan Beach where the developer has  a unique use for the teardowns prior to demolition - as a Drug Enforcement Agency practice site.

Teardowns in the Manhattan Beach Hill section are going for a pretty penny these days, with the highest priced dirt purchase in the Hill section recently hitting a record $6.2 million (twice).  Is that record soon to be broken again?  Learn more here.