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Climate change versus crime and public safety.  Which one does our esteemed Manhattan Beach City Council regard as our top priority and the number one threat to our city-wide quality of life?  

Learn more here about the surprising answer.

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A new record sale price for a residential sale in Hermosa Beach was set recently when this ocean-view home closed escrow - and it's not even on The Strand.


A bevy of high-priced homes has recently hit the market in Hermosa Beach.  If any one of these homes sells for close to its asking price (and we're hearing one of them is under contract), it will set a new sales record for Hermosa Beach.


The founder of RockStar energy drink is hoping to make a bundle on the sale of the beachfront Hermosa home, now listed at $21 million, that he purchased in 2013 for $10 million.


A recent closed sale at 108 The Strand in Manhattan Beach was the interesting culmination of an almost 3-year sales journey through reality tv.  Read more here.

Two recent home sales ordered by the Feds show that, while crime doesn't pay, it can be highly profitable here in the beach cities.  Check out how much the owner/seller would have made on the sale of two Sand section homes had they not been purchased with questionable funds.