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A sudden flurry of very high-end home selling activity in the Manhattan Beach Hill section is virtually unprecedented and signals a strong local real estate market that continues to attract the uber wealthy.

The sale of our new construction listing at 1400 21st Street in East Manhattan for $3,225,000 was most notable because the purchaser paid for it in bitcoin.  This answers the question, "Is bitcoin a thing?" with a resounding "yes."

Mike and Sachi have two upcoming brand new ocean-view beach homes in the South Bay - a Modern Nantucket-style home at 217 28th Street in Hermosa Beach and a Steve Lazar-designed contemporary at 316 27th Street in Manhattan Beach.

The United States offers homeowners a mortgage interest deduction while Canada does not.  Yet the percentage of people who own their own home is higher in Canada than the United States.  Some thoughts on that.