New Construction

Published in Smell The Coffee

First residential construction is banned in Manhattan Beach due to the pandemic, then it's not banned. 

And is it necessary to burn down the village (economically-speaking) a la Vietnam in order to save it?  Apparently, City Council thought the answer was yes. 

But Governor Newsom (not always a model of clear thinking) got it right and decided residential real estate construction was an essential business activity (at least as of today).


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Published in Realty Bites
Our latest new construction sale - 2101 Elm Avenue in the Manhattan Beach Tree section - proves once again the efficacy of our lot sale program.  The original lot owner got multiple offers from developers and a premium price without paying a commission and the winning bidder got a well-located, flat, west-facing lot which they were able to develop into a premium modern farmhouse-style home that sold over list price.  We love it when a plan comes together.