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The pandemic has caused City Council to close Manhattan Beach's parks.  Now one - Polliwog Park - is being opened on a trial basis with few amenities and mandatory face masks.  But we have some questions -

Why aren't we opening more public parks, like our neighbors in Hermosa and El Segundo?

And are mandatory face masks a good idea for outdoor venues, given that 65% of Manhattan Beach residents are opposed to making this a requirement?

And who coined the salacious-sounding phrase "panic porno" and what does it mean?



Published in Smell The Coffee

California has mandated that 50% of all energy supplied in the state be sourced from renewable energy providers by the year 2030 and 100% renewable by 2045.  Are you excited about Manhattan Beach being on the forefront of the Green New Deal in terms of spending an additional $100,000/year and up to make sure the electricity used by our city facilities is 100% green now?  Neither are we.