Bathroom With Living Wall

Posted by Mike Michalski on Sunday, December 24th, 2017.

Our first exposure to a so-called 'living structure' was Steve Lazar's 2008-built Manhattan Beach Hill section townhome at 1106 John Street, which featured a live green roof (pictured below).

 A more elaborate version of a living exterior structure is the Hill section home with the living roof at 225 John Street (pictured below).  This 4-year old, 4400 sqft home, designed by Jon Starr (he also designed our upcoming new construction listing at 461 27th Street in the Manhattan Sand section) and built by Jeff Wilson features two 'green' roofs covered with succulents and meadow grass and was one of the featured homes on the 2017 Sandpipers Home tour.

Then there was the living wall that was integrated into the facade of 1111 Highview Avenue (pictured below), another Sandpiper Tour home in the Manhattan Beach Hill section that was just completed in 2016.  The exterior wall covered in succulents was designed by San Francisco firm Habitat Horticulture.

One of our new construction listings -  2008 John Street in the Manhattan Beach Tree section - made use of the 'living wall' but, in our case, it was really not a wall, per se, but rather several elaborate hanging plant murals, if you will, that were used to dress up the basement window wells and offer a nice viewing alternative to just bare stucco walls (see below). 

But now we see the concept carried to a new level.  The Wall Street journal is reporting that Los Angeles designer Kari Whitman recently installed a living wall in a client's bathroom involving plants that don't need sun (sage, lavender, mint and moss) but emit a soothing aroma ("smells like natural oils", says Kari).  Pictured at the top of the page, this sort of interior living wall (including a 'spritz' irrigation system) runs $12,000 - $15,000.

Whether or not this expensive upgrade to the master suite is something that catches on in the South Bay remains to be seen but there is certainly precedent for this concept here in Manhattan Beach.

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