Published in Realty Bites
Two recent home sales ordered by the Feds show that, while crime doesn't pay, it can be highly profitable here in the beach cities.  Check out how much the owner/seller would have made on the sale of two Sand section homes had they not been purchased with questionable funds.

Published in South Bay Real Estate News
Extremely large lots, many with ocean views, are rapidly being developed in the Manhattan Beach Hill section.  Look for a slew of brand new homes in the Hill section in 2020.  Will any be available for sale?

Published in South Bay Real Estate News
Just as Gloria Swanson proclaimed herself ready for her closeup in Sunset Boulevard, a few homesellers, captivated by the 'reality' tv show Million Dollar Listing LA, have decided their homes were similarly ready for a tv closeup, or at least the cachet of a reality tv agent to help juice their homes' marketing efforts.  For the results of this strategy, read on.

Published in Smell The Coffee
Proposition 10 would repeal previously-enacted legislation that limits the ability of communities to impose rent control on apartments built after 1995, individually-owned single family homes and vacant rental units.  This is a bad idea that will only make rental housing scarcer and, paradoxically, more expensive.  We urge a No vote on Prop 10.  Read more here.

Published in Smell The Coffee
Vote Yes! on Proposition 5, the Property Tax Fairness Initiative, this November.  This post will explain how this initiative works to benefit seniors and disabled persons (as well as those who lost their homes in a natural disaster) by enabling them to move to a new home in California without absorbing an exorbitant property tax bill going forward.